Ooni Pizza Oven Thermometer

Ooni Pizza Oven Thermometer Review, Ooni Infrared Thermometer

Ooni Pizza Oven Thermometer Review

Ooni Infrared Thermometer – Ooni Pizza Oven Thermometer

When you’re cooking outdoors it’s not always easy to tell if your cooking surface is hot enough to let you start feeding the hungry hordes you’ve invited round. Get your hands on the Ooni Infrared Thermometer to ensure that your Ooni pizza oven is up to temperature and ready to go.

Ooni pizza ovens give users the ability to cook world-class pizza in their own backyard in just 60 seconds, heating up to double the temperature of a domestic oven in 10 minutes or less, and costing a fraction of the price of traditional wood-fired ovens.

Know exactly when your pizza stone is ready to cook the perfect base with the Ooni Infrared Thermometer.

The Ooni infrared thermometer gun with laser pointer will allow you to measure the surface temperature of your Ooni within seconds.

Aim for around 400°C (752°F) for the perfect pizza that cooks in 60 seconds with the Ooni IR Thermometer.

For the most accurate reading, simply aim the laser of the ooni thermometer to the middle of your pizza stone and the reading will appear on the display screen.

The Ooni Infrared Thermometer displays the temperature of your Ooni pizza oven on a backlit digital display meaning it’s easy to read in any light and one of our most popular ooni pizza oven accessories.

The Pizza Lads tested this and can conclude its very accurate and easy to use, it is very useful when using wood fire pizza ovens. Reasonably priced. batteries included.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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Ooni Pizza Oven Thermometer Review, Ooni Infrared Thermometer

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