Mushroom & Truffle Pizza from Pizza Express

Mushroom & Truffle Pizza Review, Mushroom & Truffle Pizza Express

Mushroom & Truffle Pizza from Pizza Express Review

Sliced Portobello and closed cup mushrooms, mozzarella, ricotta, fresh rosemary and garlic oil on a béchamel base, drizzled with truffle oil ,a sprinkling of fresh parsley and shaved Gran Milano cheese on a Romana base

Pizza Express Mushroom & Truffle Pizza Review
The Pizza Lads were celebrating, we had won 25 pounds on a lottery scratch card and we were definitely not going to be telling the missuses about this windfall. We decided that we would blow our winnings on the most luxury sounding pizza we could at Pizza Express. Actually the cost didn’t reflect too badly, but was in the top range of the menu offering price wise.

The Pizza duly arrived and was reasonably hot and looked pleasant in a pale sort of way. The base was a Romana and looked crispy on the edges but was just a bit too soggy for our liking, but was a decent taste at least. The béchamel sauce was probably the reason for the slightly soggy base and was fairly bland.

The Sliced Portobello and closed cup mushrooms were a good combination and were fresh with subtle earthiness.  The mozzarella cheese was a bit thinly spread and saved to an extent by the creaminess of the ricotta. The top was scattered with fragrant, dry, flaking Gran Milano cheese, which had a granular texture with an intensely sweet flavour. So far – so so. Can this pizza be saved by the oils? The garlic oil was quite strong and The Pizza Lads didn’t see a single vampire on the way home!

The truffle oil had an Intense garlic aroma and a powerful truffle flavour and was simply gorgeous and a complete revelation on a pizza. The trimmings were rosemary and parsley and added nice finish. So all in all a different pizza, good and bad points yes, but a different experience. Ted wondered if the garlic oil would work on the missus as well as it seemed to on vampires?

A thumbs sideways from The Pizza Lads

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Mushroom and Truffle Pizza
This pizza was an absolute breath of fresh air! It was tasty, well baked and beautifully creamy. It was such a delight, I need it again and very soon! Please keep the white base it’s wondrously scrumptious.

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