Mexican Fiesta Pizza Review | Mexican Fiesta Pizza from Domino's

Mexican Fiesta Pizza from Domino’s Review

Domino’s tomato sauce, NEW Mexican Chilli chicken, red onions and green & red peppers, topped with a drizzle of sour cream and paprika sauce.

Domino’s Mexican Fiesta Pizza Review
The lads had made it to another weekend, fiesta time! We managed to slip out the missuses grasps and decided to celebrate with a lovely pizza from domino’s. Scanning the menu we noticed that the Mexican Fiesta was new and always up for the challenge, so we went for that one.

Now we like a bit of kick with our pizza and the Chilli chicken was perfect, a real taste sensation. The presentation was good with just the right variety of flavours with the onions and peppers, base was classic.

We went for BBQ sauce as this always brings out the flavour of chicken. The drizzle sauces were a nice addition.

A top pizza we shall have again!

A must excellent thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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