Margherita Pizza from Pizza Express

Margherita Bufala from Pizza Express Review

Mozzarella from Pizza Express Review

Mozzarella and tomato. Available as Classic or Romana

Pizza Express Margherita Pizza Review

We decided to visit our local pizza express for an upmarket treat, we discovered that we were a bit skint so with various lame stories and promises about changing our ways, we ponced some money from the missuses. We opted for the Margherita, a basic option but we didn’t really have enough bunce for much else (note to selves “must get our act together when poncing money”)

Anyway on a serious note, the pizza was A1, the base was light and crispy and the cheese was out of this world, slightly more sauce would have been nice .. so all’s well that ends well .. a real tasty treat

A high five from The Pizza Lads

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