Mad Dog Pizza from MOD Pizza

Mad Dog Pizza Review, Mad Dog Pizza from MOD Pizza

Mad Dog Pizza from MOD Pizza Review

For Meat Lovers, mozzarella, pepperoni, mild sausage, ground beef, red sauce

Mad Dog Pizza Review

The lads had taken a couple of weeks off to enjoy the Holiday season, however goodwill was in short supply in the Bill and Ted households and the wives were keen to turf us out from under their feet.

We had decided to go to London to catch a footie match and of course this would take us near a Mod pizza outlet. So we were on our way asap. We took in the pizza joint before going to the game and upon arrival scanned the menu. The one that jumped out to us was the Mad Dog, now exactly why its called that we have no idea, but they all have pretty strange names so who cares.

The pizza showed up in no time and it looked awesome with a rustic looking base, no machines were involved in this creation. The toppings seemed to be generously heaped on and the cheese had a lovely toasted look to it. So we dug in, the base was pretty thin and we would have preferred a slightly thicker one. However it tasted fresh and was not soggy. The red sauce was piquant and rich and was amongst the best tomato sauces we have had. The mozzarella was thick and as we said nice and toasty with a chewy stingy texture. The meat toppings are pepperoni which had a good bite and peppery taste, mild sausage was good and meaty and not too greasy. The ground beef was tender and of a high quality.

The overall result is a really indulgent pizza and one we would heartily recommend.

A massive thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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