Mac & Cheese Pizza from CICIS

Mac & Cheese Pizza from CICIS Review Mac & Cheese Pizza CISIS

Mac & Cheese Pizza from CICIS Review

What they say

Traditional crust brushed with garlic butter and topped with 100% real cheese and Cicis signature macaroni & cheese.

What we say

Cheapo pizza time again, with the cost of living causing us all grief we need to economize so will this pizza satisfy the lads? The pizza we are trying this time is the Mac & Cheese. This is a strange old offering, we would never dream of having pasta on a dough base as a rule.

The pizza looked exactly like you would imagine, no color variation, just looks yellowy. It smelt good though with a lovely aroma of cheese. The base was the usual fairly okayish variety, quite thin and crispy with a bit of a browned edge. It had been brushed in garlic butter and was a bit oily. Cheese was put on top of this dough base in a thinnish layer and was nothing special but it did string nicely when pulled and stopped the base getting too soggy from the mac sauce.

The mac and cheese mix is a house special and while not made from fresh ingredients is exactly how it should be, a gloopy satisfying classic. The top had toasted nicely but it wasn’t too dry. We did enjoy it but felt it was just really too starchy, tasty nonetheless.

A thumbs down from The Pizza Lads

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Mac & Cheese Pizza from CICIS Review Mac & Cheese Pizza CISIS

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