Lucy Sunshine Pizza from MOD Pizzas

Lucy Sunshine Pizza MOD Pizzas Pizza review

Lucy Sunshine Pizza from MOD Pizzas Review

Classic Lucy Sunshine comes with Garlic, Mozzarella, Artichokes, Parmesan & Red sauce dollop finish.

The Lucy Sunshine Pizza Review

The lads had heard of a new pizza chain opening in the UK and although they don’t have many branches at the moment we happened to come across one. The missuses had decided to hit the January sales to buy more clothes that despite being raved to us over when purchased (we’ve learned to pretend interest), we guarantee we will never see the item again and if we happen to remember it later we will be told that it A) wasn’t liked B) has been taken to a charity shop.

Anyway as the designated drivers we had to tag along and lose ourselves in the shopping centre. So here we were at Mod Pizza and it promised to be a real treat, a quirky take on the Mod movement that somehow fits in well with pizzas. We went for the Lucy Sunshine as Lucy was Teds first girlfriends name so that seemed a good omen. It was a sparse looking pizza and the toppings seemed a bit mean but as we have said before, dollops of toppings a good pizza does not make! And although Bill was a bit unsure about the artichokes it somehow all worked fantastically.

The base was a standard crust and it was lovely, Soft and crispy with hand made look. The cheese was awesome and the red sauce was so different that we would have it for breakfast if we could. Now the toppings can be totally modded which we didn’t do this time, so beware Mod Pizza, next time we go were taking full advantage.

An amazing new pizza outlet that you must try, A big thumbs up from The Pizza Lads!

Oh you think that’s the best coat you have ever had (i’ll try to remember lol)

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