Lotta Chocca Pizza from Domino’s

Lotta Chocca Pizza from Domino's

Lotta Chocca Pizza from Domino’s Review

Our fresh 6 inch dough base topped with melted milk chocolate, to give you the perfect chocolate dessert pizza.

Domino’s Lotta Chocca Pizza Review
In a departure for our usual cheesy meaty pizzas we decided to test out the new choccy pizza. The lads were up for the challenge but we were in agreement that we were doubtful we would like it. But taking one for the team is our motto and it couldn’t be any worse than what we get dished up at our homes for our dinners.

Only 2 ingredients to worry about, chocolate and base. Did it gel, in a curious way it did though we thought the edge of the base was a little too thick for our liking but hey, it has to hold the choccy in..

The chocolate itself was awesome, a little too sweet maybe but lush all the same. so an experience we are glad we tried …

Thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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