DEEP! DEEP! DISH 3 MEAT TREAT from Little Caesar’s

Little Caesar’s DEEP! DEEP! DISH 3 MEAT TREAT Pizza Review USA


What they say
DEEP!DEEP!™ DISH 3 MEAT TREAT® – Large Detroit-style deep dish pizza with Pepperoni, Italian Sausage and Bacon. CHEESE is 100% Mozzarella & Muenster. DOUGH made fresh daily at every store. SAUCE is made from vine-ripened tomatoes.

What we say
The lads were on a tour of the US of A and we had always dreamed of taste testing a little Caesar’s pizza which are one of biggest and best loved chains. Coming from England we were surprised at the supremely cheap price compared to what we were used to. The menu choice was excellent but set piece offerings were more simple topping wise than back home.

But this is a plus as anyone who follows us knows we think that unfussy simplicity is best. Anyway onto the pizza, we had the DEEP!DEEP!™ DISH 3 MEAT TREAT®. It looked a real treat, And wow the base was awesome, nice and thick but crispy and light with a fresh taste of newly prepared dough. Edges browned to perfection as well. The sauce was thickly spread and had a sweet tanginess.

Cheese was plentiful, perfectly browned and had a good stringiness/gooey-ness factor. The meat toppings were piled on and the pepperoni was punchy and tender, Italian sausage was lovely with a garlicky fennel taste and the meat was lean and juicy. The bacon was not to our taste though, English bacon is somewhat different to American and i guess we were not used to the slight fattiness of the meat. Having said that it really created a fine combo altogether. A fantastic pizza and one we would highly recommend

A massive thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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