‎KuKoo Commercial Electric Pizza Oven

‎KuKoo Commercial Electric Pizza Oven, 2 Baking Chambers, Stone Floors

‎KuKoo Commercial Electric Pizza Oven

2 x 3000W, 350°C, 2 Baking Chambers and 2 Stone Floors, Separately Adjustable Heat

  • Twin deck electric pizza oven by KuKoo ideal for baking or grilling: pizza, garlic bread, lasagne, pastriesFree standing design
  • Providing temperatures between 50°C and 350°C.
  • Three separately controlled heating elements. Audible timer up to 30 minutes. Two fire brick stones.
  • Includes FREE 12 month electrical warranty and full instruction manual.

Pizza Oven For Delicious Italian Style Pizzas

No matter where in the world you are, you can magically transport your customers straight to Italy from your takeaway, restaurant, cafe or pub with this incredible machine.

No, it’s not a teleporter (although obviously we will be the first to stock those when they’re available), it’s a seriously professional electric pizza oven and grill.

Frozen, thin crust, deep pan, homemade – get your pizzas perfect every time thanks to the firestones in the pizza oven that give them that even bake all over.

Oven Baked Food For Cafés & Restaurants

The electric pizza oven heats to between 50ºC and 350ºC, and has twin decks and three separately controlled heating elements, so you can turn it to all kinds of exotic food such as garlic bread, ciabatta, naan, lasagne, pastries and even – most exotic of them all – pies.

Because it’s freestanding, the electric pizza oven can be up and running immediately and moved around your counter or kitchen. Reinforced steel doors give you access to each deck separately, as well as keeping the heat in.

  • Freestanding electric pizza oven in tomato red
  • Audible timer up to 30 minutes
  • Three heating elements separately controlled by three thermostats with indicator lights
  • Two windows to view your food as it bakes


Great bit of all round cooking Oven, does exactly what is says on the description.
A thumb up from The Pizza Lads

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