HXXXIN Commercial Pizza Oven

Three-Layer Large-Scale Pizza Oven

Outdoor pizza oven, high-quality, portable, pizza oven. In addition to pizza, you can also cook various foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, and desserts. The oven is light and portable, allowing you to take it with you to almost any outdoor environment

Single layer can be used independently, single layer can be used independently or multiple layers can be used at the same time to easily respond to various baking requirements;

7cm thick glass wool is used, which has good heat preservation performance, the food is heated evenly, and the color of the food is uniform when it is baked;

It is made of 0.8mm thick pure, stainless steel material, carefully selected high-quality steel, and easy to clean;

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Product parameter

  • Name: Electric oven
  • Voltage: 220
  • Dimensions: 1220*805*1680 (mm)
  • Bakeware size: 40×60 (mm)
  • Scope of application: casual fast food equipment, tea restaurants, pizza restaurants

Product Details

  • Porous heat dissipation
  • Fast heat dissipation protects the machine and saves a reasonable temperature
  • High-density stainless steel handle
  • Made of pure stainless steel, peace of mind is not hot, not easy to rust
  • Non-slip silicone feet
  • Stable body and don’t shake, double-layer and above ovens are designed with rollers
  • Explosion-proof function of lighting
  • The configuration of high temperature resistance does not take up space, and the baking status is clearly visible

Its big, it cooks Pizza, its great and its expensive, but it is a commercial pizza oven!
A thumb up from The Pizza Lads

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