Hawaiian Pizza from Pizza Hut

Hawaiian Pizza from Pizza Hut Hawaiian Pizza Review

Hawaiian Pizza Review from Pizza Hut Review

Cheese, Ham & Pineapple

Pizza Hut Hawaiian Pizza Review
Well the boys at Pizza Hut really know how to oversell the pizzas, no oozing cheese, succulent pineapple, oven baked farmhouse Ham – type descriptions for them. No just Ham, Pineapple. Still nice sounding descriptions a good pizza does not make!

So Mr Ham and Pineapple, the lads are going to put you to the test! We chose the classic crust and standard cheese and tomato sauce. The base was all nice and good and sauce was as expected and new.

The Ham was good and crispy but perhaps overdone a bit at the edges, but passable. The pineapple was fresh from the tin bill said (only joking) and was, despite the smallish pieces indeed succulent. So we were satisfied just. A uninspiring experience.

Thumbs horizontal from The Pizza Lads.

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