Grilled Vegi Pesto Pizza from Domino’s

Grilled Vegi Pesto Pizza from  Domino's, Grilled Vegi Pesto Pizza Review

Grilled Vegi Pesto Pizza from Domino’s Review

What they say

loaded with chargrilled courgettes, vibrant red, green and yellow peppers, juicy tomatoes and a sprinkle of crunchy red onions. It’s finished with a tasty pesto drizzle, topped with vine-ripened tomato sauce and a generous sprinkling of mozzarella

Summer is on the way and our pizza chefs have been cooking up banging new slices of grilled goodness with an all new Domino’s veggie pizza. Sunny weather and getting the barbecue out just go hand in hand – so we decided it’s time to welcome in the warmer weather with some brilliantly browned veggie pizza toppings. If you’re craving an all new twist on our super tasty vegetarian pizzas, the Grilled Vegi Pesto* is here to deliver the Mediterranean flavours that your taste buds have been crying out for!

In the UK, one in four Brits have gone fully meat free so we knew that even more veggie choices are going to go down a treat. This grilled addition to our menus drizzled with an all new pesto twist that’s got fresh and fragrant flavours to savour!

What we say

The lads were back in the UK to join in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. We swung over to local Domino’s and to be honest not much had changed menu wise since we had been in the states, but a limited edition Grilled Vegi Pesto pizza was a new offering. The range of meat free pizzas at Domino’s seems to be growing if that is your thang?

So to go along with modern trends we went for the Vegi option. We ordered the Classic Crust fresh dough base . Looks wise it was impressive with a packed and colourful range of nearly edge to edge toppings. The base was thinnish and the dough was nice with fluffy crispy edges.The Vine-ripened tomato sauce was thick,sweet and zesty.

The Mozzarella was melted nicely and had that stringy bite we love. Chargrilled courgettes are not at the top of our wish list but the earthy tasting skin and slightly sweet mild flesh were not too bad on this occasion.

A full complement of red, green and yellow peppers were present with a combination of sweet and fruity flavours, quite succulent as well. Tomato chunks are a veggie staple and were just fine along with some slivers of onion which were pretty punchy. All finished off with a (heavily applied) pesto drizzle and no complaints here. So all in all we quite liked this pizza, very Italian tasting and summer fresh with a definite crunch of veggies.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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Grilled Vegi Pesto Pizza from Domino’s, Grilled Vegi Pesto Pizza Review

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