Great British BBQ Pizza from Papa John’s

Great British BBQ Pizza from Papa John's Review

Great British BBQ Pizza from Papa John’s Review

Make it a British summer to savour with this BBQ sensation, which is first loaded with our signature BBQ sauce, then topped with prime cuts of slow cooked, marinated BBQ beef, which is torn into rustic shreds and mixed with a sweet & sticky Old Kentucky whiskey glaze, juicy chargrilled chicken, spicy beef, pork sausage & onions.

Papa John’s Great British BBQ Pizza Review
The lads and the missuses were enjoying the lovely summer weather, but Bills wife decided that the BBQ had to fired up so that they could get out of cooking no doubt. Anyway me and Bill were not too happy about this. All the work and waiting about and expense of the burgers and stuff. So we remembered that Papa John’s were offering a new Great British BBQ Pizza. To all round groans from the wives they eventually gave in so we headed own to Papas John’s.

The Base we choose was the thin crust XXL so enough for all (especially us). The base is decent, not too crusty though a bit floppy to the size (we know the feeling !).

A good coating of BBQ sauce which we prefer to tomato on meaty offerings. It was fairly sweet but tangy, so all good. The pulled beef was indeed tender as promised and mixed with a sweet & sticky Old Kentucky whiskey glaze, which was really good. The whiskey taste wasn’t strong but gave the beef a deep luxurious flavour. The Chicken was moist and and full of flavour. Spicy beef was something we wouldn’t have added as it didn’t add much to the overall taste.

Finally the pork sausage & onions gave a nice contrast to the pizza and the onions seemed to take away a bit of the sweetness. So all very nice and work free for us. Was it better than a real BBQ? We thought it was a good try, however the wives were not as pleased, but hey they didn’t eat much, so all the more for us! Winner Winner BBQ dinner.

A big thumbs up from The Pizza Lads….

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