Frutti di Mare Pizza from Bella Italia

Frutti di Mare Pizza Review, Frutti di Mare Pizza from Bella Italia

Frutti di Mare Pizza from Bella Italia Review

King prawns, mussels, squid, queen scallops, mozzarella & chilli on a tomato base.

Frutti di Mare Pizza Review

Bill was ranting to Ted today about the lack of seafood topped pizzas we had reviewed, but Ted said that he didn’t like seafood very much. Bill put his foot down and said we are the pizza review lads, so all pizzas need to done and we may as well go the whole hog and do a full on seafood pizza review of the fishiest pizza we can find. Reluctantly Ted had to take one for the team so they did a quick search and decided on the Frutti di Mare from Bella Italia. So off we went to the local Bella Italia and it duly arrived at the table.

It looked good with subtle colours contrasting with deep red tomato sauce and browned base edge. The base itself was fresh and not overdone with edge to edge toppings, the dough had soaked up the tomato sauce flavour to a degree, which made it delicious. The mozzarella was was not too thick and we felt a bit more was in order but it was tasty. The chilli was fiery and really caught the back of the throat.

Onto the main show – The queen scallops were impressive in size and Bill commented they were not to chewy as they can sometimes be, but not very flavourful (Ted disagreed-he said they were awful – not being a seafood lover). The King prawns were tender and full of flavour and both were happy there. The Mussels were not as fresh as Bill liked and he thought they may have been frozen ones, but that’s only speculation (Ted didn’t like them). The squid was a little bit chewy with an unusual overly salty taste Bill remarked (Ted hated them – not being a seafood lover).

So really it’s a case of if you like Seafood a lot or not, Bill gave the pizza a six out of ten, sadly Ted only one. Ted was not converted, so only Bill’s opinion counts in this review, a disappointing overall offering in his opinion. Bill also added that the ingredients to this pizza needed to stay with the pasta and not put onto a pizza base.

A thumbs down from The Pizza Lads

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