Founders Favorite Pizza from Donatos

Founders Favorite Pizza from Donatos Review Founders Favorite Pizza

Founders Favorite Pizza from Donatos Review

What they say

Heritage pepperoni, family recipe sausage, shaved ham and banana peppers loaded Edge to Edge on top of our smoked provolone cheese.

What we say

The lads had not reviewed many Donatos pizzas so we decided to rectify this .This time we found that that the Founder’s Favorite Pizza tickled our fancy. It certainly sounds awesome with toppings that many other chains can match.

The Pizza arrived and it was good and hot, looking like a colorful treat with a very favorable topping to base ratio, with toppings right up to the edge. The base was the standard thin crust cut into the signature rectangular slices, it was thin though not as crispy as we expected but not exactly soggy, it tasted freshly made with the sort of yeastiness you only get from long, slow fermentation. The generously spread red sauce had delicious seasoning and was not bland at all.

The Smoked provolone cheese impressed with a deep smoky flavor from the natural hickory smoking process. Heritage pepperoni was a mix of salty, spicy, tangy flavors and the texture was distinctly chewy and was thinly cut. Chunks of family recipe sausage were plentiful, succulent meat with herbs and spices. The Shaved ham was among the best ham we have had on a pizza, ground ham nicely seasoned. The banana peppers added a wonderful contrast of color and with a sweet and mild taste, not hot just a subtle flavor sensation. So the verdict is positive, it’s a bit more expensive than some but the ingredients have a premium quality we feel. A wonderful meaty combo that really works.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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Founders Favorite Pizza from Donatos Review Founders Favorite Pizza

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