Fire Breather Pizza from Dominos

Fire Breather Pizza from Domino's, Fire Breather Pizza Review Domino's

Domino’s Fire Breather Pizza Review

What they say
Domino’s pepperoni, smokey leg ham, seasoned ground beef, fiery jalapenos, tomato & sliced red onion with a spicy hit of chilli flakes

What we say
The lads are very partial to a spicy hot pizza so how could we miss a fire breather, the name promises so much, so will it match up to our expectations? Ordered and turned up within a short time, and it looked and smelt pretty good with a good topping to base ratio. Base was fairly thin and crispy and nicely browned on the edges.

We had the standard tomato sauce which was as always very acceptable, quite rich and fresh tasting. Mozzarella was fairly liberally applied and had that gooey stringiness that the lads love. Pepperoni started the assault on our tongues and as always was the reliable classic hot stuff.

The smoky leg ham was of course not hot but had a deep smoked taste that really contrasted well with the other powerful toppings and was very meaty. Seasoned ground beef was tender and juicy and herby. The fiery jalapenos were the real start of the onslaught on our senses, plenty of them as well. Tomatoes were providing some relief from the heat. Red onion as always adds to any pizza and the pieces were quite large. It was all topped with the chilli flakes which really blew our minds, man they were hot. So our verdict, well with the addition of chilli flakes virtually any pizza could be turned into a fire breather, but the combo on offer was very good and it all worked well.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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