Domino’s Self Driving Car Pizza Delivery Service

Domino's Self Driving Car Pizza Delivery Service, Domino's Self DrivingDomino’s Self Driving Car Pizza Delivery Service

Well The Pizza Lads love technology and moving things forward to a better world, combining Pizzas and technology is just great amazing and always catches our attention and imagination..

So you can imagine our reaction to a Self Driving Car that delivers Pizza to your door. Yep you heard us right! Domino’s are testing this out in the USA.

Don’t believe us – see the Video below….

The bloke orders Pizza and it turns up in a driver-less vehicle, which pulls up directly outside his home. He then enters his order code reference and the rear window drops to allow him to grab his Pizza order. How would you feel about this service?

The Pizza Lads love this – A big thumbs Up!

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