Dolce Mare Pizza Cutter

Dolce Mare Pizza Cutter, Professional Pizza Knife, Pizza Cutter

Dolce Mare Pizza Cutter

Versatile pizza knife with fine oak handle – Pizza chopper with extra sharp stainless steel blade

Thanks to the extremely sharp cutting blade, your pizza is sliced in the blink of an eye. Our pizza slicer allows you to quickly cut small and large pizzas with ease.

The ideal professional Pizza knife. The cradle knife from Dolce Mare is an excellent pizza cutter rocker. The ergonomic wooden handle ensures accurate and direct chopping power. Even the most stubborn residues, are very easy to remove after cutting. Our pizza cutters are made from extra high quality stainless steel, making cleaning little more than child’s play.

You will also receive a matching blade protector for free, when you order your rocking pizza chopper. So you can store your new pizza cutter knife hygienically, whilst maintaining the sharpness of the blade.

We at Dolce Mare have always stood for first-class quality: the use of particularly high quality materials and clean workmanship guarantee you incomparable longevity. Try our Pizza oven accessories today!

Size: 35 x 7 cm



This pizza cutter is absolutely brilliant. It cuts pizza with ease and it’s much easier than using a regular kitchen knife or the old pizza wheel .With an Oak handle it is very sturdy. You should buy one says the lads
A thumb up from The Pizza Lads

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