DILLON JAMES Pizza Review from MOD Pizza

DILLON JAMES Pizza Review from MOD Pizza, DILLON JAMES Review

DILLON JAMES Pizza Review from MOD Pizzas

What they say
DILLON JAMES – Mozzarella, asiago, fresh chopped basil, garlic, sliced tomatoes, red sauce

What we say
The lads visited the mecca of pizza outlets, maybe that’s pushing it a bit but MOD is an excellent pizza maker. It’s a no fuss menu and really straightforward to order a standard option or create your own and you watch it being constructed before your eyes and you can even add any toppings you want at no extra cost, which is a dangerous thing to confront the lads with so we stuck to the standard option.

Now the thing is that the names of the pizzas are totally random, were guessing the person who thought of the combo first? but we don’t know.

We went for the Dillon James standard as it comes, no extra Dillons for the lads lol. The pizza was literally in front of us hot and fresh within 10 minutes, it looked unfussy but with nicely toasted edge crusts and cheese. The base is fairly thin and pretty crispy so if you like soft doughy bases you may be out of luck. The red sauce was indeed red and tomato-y. Mozza and asiago were slightly unevenly spread but generous and the stringiness factor was spot on.

With the asiago adding a nuttier and creamier taste than standard mozza. Then it was a bit of basil adding a peppery flavour and finished with some garlic and sliced tomato. It was all very fresh tasting and for really a basic margherita style pizza it was very nice. The Dollar cost was low as well . Obviously we would really have liked to have some additional toppings ourselves, maybe the sausage, but then it wouldn’t be a Dillon James would it.

Good pizza, good price, quick service.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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