Diavola Forte Pizza from Bella Italia

Diavola Forte Pizza Review, Diavola Forte Pizza from Bella Italia Review

Diavola Forte Pizza from Bella Italia Review

Spicy ’nduja sausage, salami, chicken, red onion, roasted peppers and green chilli on a fiery tomato sauce with mozzarella and cooling mascarpone cheese.

Diavola Forte Pizza Review

The lads were fed up with home cooking pizzas for our recent reviews and we wanted to be waited on. We discovered that Bella Italia has an outlet near to us and without further ado we were off. Upon arrival we scanned the menu and were drawn to the Diavola Forte pizza, now our regular viewers know that we always want to try new things and if the pizza has a title with words we have never heard of, then that’s for us!

Apparently the literal translation of Diavola is deviled or salsa according the the interplonk.

The word Forte could mean tangy or feisty, so none the wiser really but good old N’duja sausage sounds just the ticket.

So after a short delay the Pizza was duly served up and it was good and hot and we had to admit it looked excellent with a nice variety of colours. So nice presentation. The base had a lovely brownish edge and was not too thin but very tasty. The Tomato sauce was a deep red shade and had an indulgent texture, but a fiery taste that really got us reaching for the water. The mixture of Mozzarella and Mascarpone is always an inspired combo and the Mascarpone had a creamy subtle palette. The spicy ’nduja sausage and salami really hit the spot and was full of flavour and not greasy at all, unlike some salamis. The Chicken was tender though a bit thin on the ground and the roasted peppers gave a rustic edge. The red onion and green Chillis finished off the proceedings and the Chillis had some kick in them. All complemented with some fresh rocket sprinkled on top.

We were very impressed with the overall quality and our mouths were pleasantly on fire by the last slice. Highly recommended and we thought we had better not tell the wives about this gem of a restaurant, our secret for now!

A big thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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