Crust Supreme From Crust

Crust Supreme From Crust Pizza Review, Crust Supreme Review Crust

Crust Supreme from Crust Pizza Review

What they say
Smoked Ham, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Fresh Capsicum, Spanish Onions, Pineapple & Kalamata Olives on a Tomato base (All pizzas topped with 100% Australian Mozzarella cheese)

What we say
The lads were browsing the crust menu and wanted to try one of the favourites from the menu and the supreme fitted the bill perfectly. It looked and smelt wonderful and was good and hot.

The base was up to the usual high standard with a perfectly browned crust edge and a decent almost edge to edge topping coverage.Crust tomato sauce was rich and sweet, but the lads thought BBQ sauce may have been a better option, however that’s just an opinion. Mozzarella was fairly thick and had that melty cheese-pull action.

The Smoked ham had a deep smoked taste and tender texture. Pepperoni was rich and spicy, the Italian Sausage had an almost licorice-like flavour with a little earthiness and subtle meatiness, lovely. Mushrooms are always a welcome addition to any pizza. A fruity sweet taste was added by the capsium and the onions as always liven up any pizza.

Then we have to address the pineapple, now the lads are fans of pineapple on pizza but others are really against it, however on this occasion we were not sure it fitted in with the other ingredients, it was fresh and sharp tasting but did it fit, we say not. Finished off with Kalamata Olives which were sweet and fruity.

All in all we were not over keen on this combo but it was nice enough.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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Crust Supreme From Crust Pizza Review, Crust Supreme Review Crust. Crust Supreme From Crust Pizza Review, Crust Supreme Review Crust

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