Cowboy Pizza from Papa Murphy’s

Cowboy Pizza from Papa Murphy’s, Cowboy Pizza Review Papa Murphy's

Cowboy Pizza from Papa Murphy’s Review

What they say

Our Original Crust topped with Traditional Red Sauce, Whole-Milk Mozzarella, Premium Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Sliced Mushrooms, Black Olives, sprinkled with cheddar cheese and the Papa Murphy’s herb and cheese seasoning. Delicious pizza you can take home and make your own. Prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients so you can take it, bake it, and enjoy it fresh out of the oven. Hot and ready whenever you are. From-scratch pizza made by us and perfected by you.

What we say

Well hold on there cowboy, the lads have donned the aprons once again to try out this classic combo offering from Murphy’s. Cooking carried out according to instructions at least made sure it was good and hot eventually but we had to watch it as the first time we took it out it was slightly cool in the middle, but hey all ovens are different so it’s not their fault. It looked okayish with a few too many olives for our liking.

Smell wise it is a pleasant pizza cheesy, meaty smell. The base was a large original crust which was fairly thin but with just enough crispness for our liking and the dough was nice and buttery. Edges were a little hard but once again it was probably our oven that caused the problem. Sauce was standard Tomato which was fine and we could taste the Marinara Tomatoes in it. Whole-Milk Mozzarella was a bit thinly topped and we wish we had more but it was definitely fresh tasting and not pre-packaged stuff where we believe it can lose flavor. Premium Pepperoni was very meaty with a powerful punchy taste and not too greasy.

The Italian Sausage was rich and good,but with slightly small pieces. Black Olives were far too many for our liking and had a bitter ,salty flavor (it’s a taste thing – some like em , some don’t). Sliced mushrooms were fine without standing out. A bit of cheddar cheese was sprinkled on top but a bit thinly. The contrasting zesty herbiness of the seasoning was welcome. So all in all we thought that the meat to cheese ratio was a bit skewed to the meat side but the ingredients were generally good if a bit spicy ,and the overall combo apart from the olives passed our test. It is definitely filling!

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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Cowboy Pizza from Papa Murphy’s, Cowboy Pizza Review Papa Murphy’s

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