Classic Caspian Pizza from MOD Pizza

Classic Caspian Pizza from MOD Pizza Classic Caspian Pizza Review

Classic Caspian Pizza from MOD Pizza Review

Classic Caspian comes with a BBQ sauce base, mozzarella, red onion, grilled chicken, blue cheese & BBQ swirl finish.

The Classic Caspian Pizza Review

The lads had really enjoyed eating at Mod pizza the last time we were dragged to the shopping centre, so when we were told by the missuses that new curtains were critical to our future well-being we remembered that a curtain shop was near to the Mod Pizza outlet.

So suggesting this, it was off to the “Mall” (for our American friends) . We managed to slip away in the curtain shop fairly easily and headed to Mod Pizza. We studied the menu and the Caspian looked good.

The pizza arrived pretty quickly and it looked splendid. The base was a double crust and man it was good. Bill said that they must make the dough instore? Anyway, topping wise the BBQ sauce was tangy and the mixture of Blue Cheese and Mozza was a revelation. The Blue Cheese was strong and powerful and the Chicken was nicely grilled and tender. Our only complaint was that the BBQ swirl on top was a step in the overkill direction, however we realised that it was just for show. So all in all a top rated pizza.

The ladies were still studying curtains when we slipped back and I don’t think we were missed at all. Could’ve had a second helping! Oh well…

A great thumbs up from The Pizza Lads….

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