Chicken Tinga Taco Pizza from Papa John's

This delicious Mexican inspired combo loaded with flame-charred pulled chicken and fresh, juicy pineapple chunks, features the warmth of sliced red cayenne chillies, freshly sliced onions and a lively Aji Verde salsa drizzle – on a sauce free base for an authentic taco experience.

Papa John’s Chicken Tinga Taco Pizza Review

A different proposition this as it has a sauce free base, the lads thought this is gonna be dry so we ordered some Irn-Bru to wash it down, however we were pleasantly surprised as the pineapple provided an ample alternative to enable swallowing without a problem, an unusual and lively pizza with a real kick so ask them to hold the chillies if thats not your thing, the chicken was really tasty.

A “that’s OK” from The Pizza Lads

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