Chicken & Roasted Peppers Pizza form Prezzo

Chicken & Roasted Peppers Pizza Review form Prezzo

Chicken & Roasted Peppers Pizza Review form Prezzo

What they say

Chicken, roasted peppers, sweet balsamic onions, rosemary, mozzarella and tomato sauce
Prezzo uses Italian recipes to bring a touch of Italy to the UK. From bubbling pizzas and scrumptious pasta to traditional bruschetta and classic Tiramisu, you’ll be taken straight to the Amalfi coast. Make any occasion a celebration with Prezzo! Buon Appetito!

What we say

The lads visited Prezzo on UK national Eat What You Want Day, which is quite apt though we must admit we had never heard of it before. We dined in at Prezzo’s and fancied the Chicken & Roasted Peppers Pizza. The pizza arrived after a short delay and it looked good with a nice array of colour.

First impressions were that for the cost, the toppings were a bit sparsely spread without edge to edge spread. So in we dived, the base was a standard stonebaked dough and was thin and limp and a bit chewy for our liking but nicely bubbled at the edges. Tomato sauce was nondescript but not offensive. Mozzarella was reasonable and had a melty, stringy bite so all good. The Chicken was the standout (not enough of it though) and was lovely with torn chunks of fresh tasting succulent hunks of meat, and nicely combined with the very sweet caramelized balsamic onions.

The roasted peppers were suitably juicy and tasty, and once again contrasted splendidly with the chicken. The rosemary was not quite as welcome and is an acquired taste on a pizza, and a bit too overpowering we felt (at least there wasn’t much of it thankfully) but it is a nice combo with chicken if you like that sort of taste. So all in all a pleasant pizza, but a bit overpriced for the offering.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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Chicken & Roasted Peppers Pizza Review form Prezzo, Chicken & Roasted Peppers Pizza Review

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