Chicago style pizza (margarita) from Pizza Rosati’s

Chicago style pizza (margarita) from Pizza Rosati’s Review

Chicago style pizza (margarita) from Pizza Rosati’s Review

What they say

Our Chicago famous deep-dish pizza is a buttery crust filled with mounds of mozzarella cheese and topped with Rosati’s Chicago-Style sauce. The tomatoes used in our sauce are grown specifically for us in the great central valley of California. We use only the freshest Wisconsin 100% Mozzarella cheese on all our pizzas

Rosati’s Dough

Our dough is made from a unique blend of flour harvested from high-protein wheat grown exclusively in the Midwest.

Rosati’s Sauce

Our signature sauce is made from a secret family recipe dating back generations. Tomatoes grown in the central valley of California are mixed with a special blend of herbs and spices… and that’s all we’re giving away.

Rosati’s Cheese

Wisconsinites know cheese. Which is why we source our fresh mozzarella from one of the most established facilities in the state of Wisconsin.

Turn any day into a great day with your favorite Rosati’s pizza or calzone. With deep dish, thin crust, double dough and gluten-free options, we have something for everyone. Whether you’re celebrating a game day or just a Wednesday, we’ve got the dough to go with any occasion.

What we say

The lads realized we had not tried many Chicago style pizzas lately and they can be amazing taste experiences. Just a word on what a real Chicago style pizza is- a thick ,deep dish, firm dough pan pizza (with raised edges) layered with cheese and toppings (if any) and loads of thick sauce on top. Yes, the cheese is under the sauce which some say makes a superior taste. So a visit to Rosati’s is a must, as it offers the authentic article. We went for the plain cheese and tomato, perhaps not the most exciting offering but we wanted to taste Chicago in its purest form. The Pizza looked Marvelous, a real pie with oodles of sauce and of a decent size.

The base was pretty thick with a crisp edge and biscuit style texture with a lovely buttery taste.

The cheese was loaded inside the pan crust in a thick layer with a lovely stringiness and being Wisconsin had a sharp pungent flavor. On top of this was a fantastic thick helping of tomato sauce that has a sweet hot tang and tastes of fresh tasting crushed tomatoes with a hint of seasoning. The verdict is that this is a nice example of a Chicago pizza, and we can say the ingredients were of above average quality and as a classic offering it would be hard to beat.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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Chicago style pizza (margarita) from Pizza Rosati’s Review

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