Cheese & Tomato Pizza from Domino’s

Cheese & Tomato Pizza from Domino's, Extra Cheese Pizza Review

Cheese & Tomato Pizza from Domino’s Review

(with even more Cheese)

You can not beat the classic and original Cheese & Tomato Pizza with extra Cheese.

Domino’s Cheese & Tomato Pizza Review
The lads were getting ready for a well deserved break, the wives had emptied our bank accounts over Christmas buying an endless array of food , sweets and general treats that nobody will want to eat, dates that turn our stomachs, Turkish delight that will have the kids bouncing off the walls till March, bags of nuts to crack open blinding all our guests in the process.

A dessert to feed 24! people. A platter of cheese that stands a foot high. And you know what, it all ends up in the bin as nobody ever wants the stuff. Anyway enough ranting, it’s pizza time. We managed to scrape enough dosh together to go and treat ourselves and we decided that in view of all the rich food we had eaten over the Christmas holidays we needed something plain, and what could be plainer than Cheese & Tomato Pizza. What can we say, well there was cheese (a decent helping) and tomato sauce base on a classic crust.

No frills and to be honest it was pretty good in a basic sort of way. Sometimes having no distractions of fancy toppings helps you appreciate the fundamentals of the basics of a Pizza. So yeah we wouldn’t have one often but it was ok. Back to Christmas leftovers… oh man!

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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