Cheese Meltdown Pizza from Asda

Cheese Meltdown Pizza Review, Cheese Meltdown Pizza from Asda

Cheese Meltdown Pizza from Asda Review

Generously topped with rich tomato sauce, and mounds of meltingly moreish mozzarella

Cheese Meltdown Pizza Review

The lads were being dragged around the local Asda by the missuses and while they were deciding on which of the latest balm covered scented toilet roll brands to go for, we disappeared down the next aisle when they weren’t looking.

After a brief search we found the chilled pizza cabinet and took shopping matters into our own hands. A wide variety of choice was available but as we had to get them to pay for it (with our money) we decided to go a bit plain.

The one that sprung to our attention was the Cheese Meltdown. Sticking it in the trolley under a multipack of crisps we made our way back to the wives and the bog rolls. They seemed to have settled upon an Almond scented variety.

Anyway Bill managed to get the pizza on the till belt under the crisps still and while they were chatting and the cashier rung it up and we got it in the trolley before they realized. We volunteered to unpack when we got home and got it in the fridge. They say possession is nine tenths of he law, so when it was discovered later we took the heat and got away with it.

They were due to go out so we had the pizza all to ourselves.

We heated it up according to the instructions. The base was not to thin, not too thick and quite pleasant and crispy. The Tomato sauce was rich and fairly generous, taste wise not too bad. Onto the topping, which is cheese believe it or not, there was round slices on mozzarella and a sort of cheddar / mozzarella grated mix. It had gone reasonably brown and looked appetizing. The cheese was also generous topped and tasted lovely.

All in all a decent basic pizza if not life changing.

Oh by the way the lotion covered almond scented toilet rolls were marvelous.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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