Cheddar Supreme Pizza from Pizza Nova

Cheddar Supreme Pizza Review from Pizza Nova, Cheddar Supreme Pizza Review

Cheddar Supreme Pizza from Pizza Nova Review

What they say

This pizza features the classic combination of cheddar and broccoli and ups the ante by adding slides of tender, freshly grilled chicken, regular dough base, classic tomato sauce, regular mozzarella. Try this pizza if you are feeling a little adventurous, but still in the mood for something familiar.

What we say

The lads were on a Canadian road trip and found an outlet we hadn’t seen before.

Pizza Nova, the menu looked interesting with some very different combos so we were very enthused. We went for the Cheddar Supreme pizza and upon receipt it was a veritable sea of cheese and greens and looked very appetizing with nearly edge to edge toppings.

Topping to base ratio was good. The base was thinish but not overly crunchy with a decent wheaty flavor. The Tomato sauce was nothing outstanding but had a pleasant inoffensive sweet flavor. Mozzarella was very soft and stringy and had toasted nicely toward the pizza edges. This was complemented by the Cheddar cheese with its distinctive cumbly bite and gooeyness. The grilled chicken was of the highest quality, very tender, large slices with chargrilled edges. The most usual topping was the broccoli and we had to admit that this could’ve gone really wrong and turned out limp and soggy but it was still quite crisp and not too chewy ,but some of the stalks were a bit, well stalky. A nice touch was slightly seared florets, flavor wise it went so well with the cheddar cheese. We were happy with this combo, a very nice outcome had been achieved and we recommend it.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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Cheddar Supreme Pizza Review from Pizza Nova, Cheddar Supreme Pizza Review

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