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The Works Pizza from Papa John's Pizza Review

The Works Pizza from Papa John’s

The Papa said “Give this pizza the works!”, so we took our 100% fresh, never frozen dough and really went to town. We piled on delicious pepperoni, Italian style sausage and ham, then we added even more flavour with fresh baby portobello mushrooms, crunchy green peppers, sliced onions and black Herrera olives. Papa John’s Works Pizza Review The lads were a bit Mondayish so what better way to cheers us up than a nice pizza. We opted for the works from Papa John’s, and to give a true review we had it “as is”, Now black olives are not number one on our list of ingredients, but they weren’t bad, a bit more bitter than we would like, but the...

Margherita from Pizza Express Margherita Review

Margherita Pizza from Pizza Express

Mozzarella from Pizza Express Review Mozzarella and tomato. Available as Classic or Romana Pizza Express Margherita Pizza Review We decided to visit our local pizza express for an upmarket treat, we discovered that we were a bit skint so with various lame stories and promises about changing our ways, we ponced some money from the missuses. We opted for the Margherita, a basic option but we didn’t really have enough bunce for much else (note to selves “must get our act together when poncing money”) Anyway on a serious note, the pizza was A1, the base was light and crispy and the cheese was out of this world, slightly more sauce would have been nice .. so all’s well that...

Ardente Pizza from Domino's Review

Ardente Pizza from Domino’s

Ardente Pizza from Domino’s Review Ventricina Salami, Jalapeños & Pepper Pearls for a hot & sweet kick. Served with our exclusive chilli oil / large slice / Italian style base. Domino’s Ardente Pizza Review A nice looking looking pizza, the cheese was a good appealing toasty shade and the with just a few toppings the taste of the crispy cooked salami wasn’t lost in a pile of cheap toppings for those who like quantity over quality. The sauce was up to domino’s usual competent standards and the peppers and chillies really gave it an exotic boost Another winner The Pizza Lads agreed… Add A Pizza Review Ardente Pizza Review from Dominos, Ardente Pizza Domino’s Pizza’s. Domino’s Pizza Review, Domino’s Pizzas,...

Chicken Tinga Taco Pizza from Papa John's

Chicken Tinga Taco Pizza from Papa John’s

Chicken Tinga Taco Pizza Review This delicious Mexican inspired combo loaded with flame-charred pulled chicken and fresh, juicy pineapple chunks, features the warmth of sliced red cayenne chillies, freshly sliced onions and a lively Aji Verde salsa drizzle – on a sauce free base for an authentic taco experience. Papa John’s Chicken Tinga Taco Pizza Review A different proposition this as it has a sauce free base, the lads thought this is gonna be dry so we ordered some Irn-Bru to wash it down, however we were pleasantly surprised as the pineapple provided an ample alternative to enable swallowing without a problem, an unusual and lively pizza with a real kick so ask them to hold the chillies if thats...

Meat Feast Pizza from Pizza Hut

Meat Feast Pizza from Pizza Hut

Meat Feast Pizza from Pizza Hut Review The big daddy! Conquer those meat cravings with our mix of pepperoni, ham, beef and chicken. Pizza Hut Meat Feast Pizza Review I fancied a good protein fix so I decided to go with the 9” regular pan. The overall appearance was really appealing and certainly got my taste buds going and the base had a good crisp outer but was soft and fluffy inside and didn’t disappoint. The topping was generous and we had no complaints there, however I wish it was a little hotter but it was not a problem. The cheese was as usual a tasty and succulent blend and the combo of the four meats was a good choice with...

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