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Pizza Discount Codes & Vouchers

Latest Pizza Discount Codes & Pizza Meal Vouchers. Hey, we are always trying to find codes and Vouchers for you to use for Pizza discounts at you favorite Pizza deliveries outlets and restaurants. There’s only one thing that tastes better than a PIzza, its a Pizza that has some cash off the price….! yeah… Domino’s Vouchers Check out the Domino’s Blog for its vouchers and offers     Offers – Pizza Express Check out the Pizza Express website for its offers “IT’S LIKE A TREASURE HUNT BUT WITH PIZZA INSTEAD OF PIRATES”       Compare The Meerkat Meals Deals Check out the Meerkat Meals Deals on there website. You can get 50% off pizzas from Papa John’s...

Domino's Self Driving Car Pizza Delivery Service, Domino's Self Driving

Domino’s Self Driving Car Pizza Delivery Service

Domino’s Self Driving Car Pizza Delivery Service Well The Pizza Lads love technology and moving things forward to a better world, combining Pizzas and technology is just great amazing and always catches our attention and imagination.. So you can imagine our reaction to a Self Driving Car that delivers Pizza to your door. Yep you heard us right! Domino’s are testing this out in the USA. Don’t believe us – see the Video below…. The bloke orders Pizza and it turns up in a driver-less vehicle, which pulls up directly outside his home. He then enters his order code reference and the rear window drops to allow him to grab his Pizza order. How would you feel about this service?...

MOD Pizza fast casual-pizza chain


MOD PIZZA – The big new thing in pizza’! A pizza chain created by a former Starbucks is talking the world by storm and terrify Domino’s and Papa John’s… MOD Pizza are one of the fastest growing fast-casual pizza chain around at the moment. CEO and co-founder Scott Svenson said… “We’re going to continue to grow at the rate we have been growing — which is really fast,” MOD Pizza is one of the fastest-growing chains in the industry, opening 110 locations in 2017. The fast-casual pizza chain now has 302 locations, more than doubling its size over the last two years. “It’s been fun and exhilarating, but wild is a good way of describing it,” Svenson said. According to...

The Push for Healthier Eating at Papa John’s

The Push for Healthier Eating at Papa John’s

The Push for Healthier Eating at Papa John’s Papa Johns has been hard at work pushing for healthier ingredients in its pizzas and continues to emphasise its commitment to superior food quality. It has recently, revamped its advertising campaigns, both traditional and digital to more effectively communicate with its customers. Papa John’s is one of a number of global fast-food chains in the UK to push for healthier ingredients and, in the process, to remove artificial ingredients and additives. These actions are making it easier for consumers who are more health-conscious, particularly on their consumption of artificial ingredients, sodium, and fats including cholesterol. The pizza chain’s push for healthier pizzas ramped up in June when it released its Greek Pizza,...

How Papa John’s is Offering Better Ingredients

How Papa John’s is Offering Better Ingredients

How Papa John’s is Offering Better Ingredients Papa John’s has always been an advocate for better food, and with their tag line “Better pizza.  Better ingredients” they’ve built a great reputation for themselves by offering food that’s generally better for the populace.  With the general push for people to eat healthier, even fast food chains are jumping on the bandwagon and Papa John’s isn’t sitting this one out. Healthier Options Papa John’s has always been working hard to provide fresh meals to consumers.  Until pretty recently, it was the only pizza chain to not use frozen doughs. It has also taken great pride in its all-natural sauce, 100% real beef and pork, and vegetables that are sliced fresh daily in...

Domino’s ‘22 Service’ Started with a Train Delivery Pizza on a bus

Domino’s ‘22 Service’ Started with a Train Delivery

Domino’s ‘22 Service’ Started with a Train Delivery The unconventional idea of delivering pizzas to bus stops began with a delivery made to a hungry passenger travelling in April 2016. DJ Artwork was on a 5-hour trip from Sheffield to Glasgow but missed his meal and forgot to pack some food for the journey. Because we live in an age where social media can be (and is) used for a wide range of purposes, he asked his Twitter followers for help to solve his issue; one of them advised that he should order a Domino’s Pizza and have it delivered to his train. The rest of the story made company history, with DJ Artwork’s Hawaiian pizza being delivered to the...

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