CastElegance Pizza Stone

CastElegance Pizza Stone, Only Stoneware with Thermarite

CastElegance Pizza Stone

The Only Stoneware with Thermarite (Engineered Tuff Cordierite). Durable, Certified Safe, Ovens & Grills 16 Round, Bonus Recipe Ebook & Free Scraper.

What is Thermarite and Why does it Make the Best Pizza Stone?

Get the Best Crispy Crust with a Pizza Stone that is Engineered to Last

Thermarite is a high density, specially formulated Cordierite that is super-heated to over 2,000F providing engineered strength, extreme durability and superior thermal shock capabilities

Thermarite Absorbs More Moisture –Its unique, highly absorbent micro-pore structure extracts and absorbs moisture out of moist dough creating the Best Crispy Crusts

Thermarite’s superior heat retention and heat transfer provides an even heat that is transmitted directly into the food for better crusts

  • The Best Crispy Crust – Thermarite absorbs more moisture -superior heat retention & transfer
  • Thermarite is engineered to last with better durability, strength & superior thermal shock
  • Use on Ovens & Grills – Thermarite shields the pizza from the intense heat of the grill
  • Certified Safe – US FDA, European Union, German Food Code, RoHS. . .
  • Does not smell
  • 16″ Round Stone + Use & Care Instructions + Bonus 4″x5″ Scraper + Recipe Ebook

Cast Elegance’s Thermarite is created with extreme heat that vaporizes all organic matter, creating a premium, professional grade stone that has no odor when heated

Use on Ovens and Grills (Gas or Charcoal) – Thermarite shields the pizza from the intense heat of the grill

Brick Oven Results at Home for a fraction of the cost of a professional brick oven

One Pizza Stone – 16” Round x 5/8” Thick, Use and Care instructions, One 4″x5″ scraper (Use for easy cleanup and food creation) and Recipe EBook

Our Proprietary Thermarite makes this the best pizza stone

Engineered to last: high durability, high heat transfer, absorbs more moisture giving you the best crispy crust
Ready to Use – No seasoning or conditioning required. Cut on the stone/serve on the stone – It is ready for you to use right out of the box

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – We’ll work to resolve any issue you have


The lads thought this was a bit expensive for a cooking stone, but this stone is remarkable producing an evenly-cooked crust which was the crispest we have ever produced.
A thumb up from The Pizza Lads

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