Carne Calzone from Bella Italia

Carne Calzone Review, Carne Calzone from Bella Italia

Carne Calzone from Bella Italia Review

Folded pizza with pomodoro sauce -Meatballs, beef ragu, pancetta, red onion and mozzarella

Carne Calzone Review

The lads were back at Bella Italia, the missuses had sent us out to buy some Christmas gifts for some relatives. Of course we had been given a list of exactly what to buy and from where. But the lads are nothing if not inventive and we decided to throw ourselves wholeheartedly into this task, but our real agenda was to Shop hard and see if we could save some money to enable a pizza purchase. After a couple of hours we were all shopped out, but our reward was that we had saved enough cash from our efforts for the Pizza treat.

So scanning through the menu at Bella’s we decided on one of three Calzone’s on offer, obviously the meaty one for us.

We didn’t have too long to wait for our Calzone to be served and it looked a treat with a lovely browned dough casing. It was good and hot as well. Digging in we appreciated the dough’s light texture and it tasted splendid. The Pomodoro sauce (tomato) had the taste of the sweetest tomatoes with a salty, garlic tinge. The fillings were Meatballs which were smallish and had a rich solid flavour and they combined well with the deep robust taste of the Beef Ragu. The Pancetta contrasted well and was lovely. It was enhanced with the addition of pretty strong red onion and packed with soft and creamy mozzarella.

So we were well pleased and it was a good offering and one we will would eat again. Getting home the missuses were suspicious that we had been indulging ourselves, but we had got what they wanted and with correct change, so a right result for the lads.

A massive thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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