Carbonara Pizza from Pizza Express

Carbonara Pizza Review, Carbonara Pizza from Pizza Express

Carbonara Pizza from Pizza Express Review

Pancetta, Mozzarella and Garlic oil on a Béchamel base, baked with a free-range Egg and finished with grated Gran Milano cheese and fresh parsley on a Romana base

Pizza Express Carbonara Pizza Review The lads had come into some money, searching down the back of the sofa they had found enough for a treat. Pizza Express here we come! So off we went and had a scan of the menu, now you may know we are suckers for new pizza offerings and the picture of a what looked like a fried egg on top of a pizza really got our juices going.

We had no option but to give this a road test… The pizza turned up and was well cooked and hot, although we felt the toppings were a bit thinly applied. The base was the Romana, which has a rustic look to it, and topped with a Béchamel sauce, which we found to be a pleasant change to Tomato. It was rich and creamy, though the flavour was a little under-pronounced for our taste. The Mozzarella and Garlic oil was pretty standard fare, but nice and added to the genuine Italian style feel. It came with grated Gran Milano Cheese which really kicked up the taste rating and subtle hints of Parsley were evident.

We had eaten all around and left the egg till last. Of course it wasn’t really fried despite it’s appearance but baked. Now baking eggs makes them a little rubbery and this was no exception, taste was OK. To be honest if they had stuck a fresh fried egg on it after cooking we would have been in heaven! So overall we are always pleased with new combos and this one was very interesting, commendable especially for the Béchamel sauce.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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