Buffalo Ranch Chicken Pizza from Jet’s Pizza

Buffalo Ranch Chicken Pizza Review from Jet's Pizza

Buffalo Ranch Chicken Pizza Review from Jet’s Pizza

What they say

Jet’s Ranch, premium mozzarella, grilled chicken, bacon & red onions, topped with mild buffalo sauce. To this day, Jet’s stands for the freshest vine-ripened tomatoes, Italian herbs and spices, dough prepared by hand each day, and hand-grated, premium mozzarella cheese. The magic comes from our signature steel Pizza pans with a choice of delicious crusts, sauces, & premium quality ingredients.

What we say

The lads were back in the US after a quick Canadian road trip and feeling hungry, we popped into a Jet’s pizza joint for another 8 corner pizza Super Special.

This time we went for Jet’s Buffalo Ranch Chicken and once again we were amazed by the offering when it arrived, a good edge to edge pizza with plentiful toppings.It also has deep aroma that tantalizes. The base is lovely and thick with a caramelized crust edge and buttery taste, light and airy dough is a given. The base was coated with a good helping of Jet’s Ranch pizza sauce, creamy with a slight tang. Premium mozzarella cheese coated this in a thick layer with a satisfying string of cheese to every bite. The grilled chicken was chunked into large pieces with a seared edge visible in places, tender and juicy as well, it went so well with the smokiness of the bacon pieces. Red onion added that sweet almost caramelized contrast. And all topped off with mild buffalo sauce.

We have to say that the base of Jets pizzas is something to behold and we recommend everyone to try one as we have struggled to find much that is as good, a nice simple combo that does all the basics right.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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Buffalo Ranch Chicken Pizza Review from Jet’s Pizza

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