Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Ledo

Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Ledo, Buffalo Chicken Pizza Review, Ledo

Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Ledo Review

What they say

Marinara Buffalo sauce, provolone cheese and roasted chicken.

Each LEDO Pizza is rolled to order with fresh handmade dough topped with the same high-quality cheese and the same style tomatoes as in 1955. It may take a little longer, but it sure is worth it.

There are some unique qualities of LEDO Pizza that come from its long history. People often ask why LEDO Pizza is rectangular.

The round pizza pans commonly seen today were very new in the fifties. Rectangular baking pans were readily available, hence the square pizza. Since that time, round pans have become the rage as pizza operators are able to cut costs by giving the appearance of more, while actually offering less

What we say

Ledos is an old time pizza outlet chain that promises to do the simple things well, as they used to back in the good old days. So the lads are going to give them a whirl.

The 18″ Buffalo Chicken Pizza is the one we opted for and first impressions were that we were well pleased with the size of it and we always like a rectangle pizza (it just seems better). Looks wise it certainly impressed with gorgeous looking toasted cheese and lovely white chicken, smell wise it passed. The dough base is thin and crispy and tasted fresh, home made style with a small upturned edges so the toppings don’t spill over. The Marinara Buffalo sauce is a real treat, sweet and tangy with a nice hit of Spices And Herbs and with a bit of heat that lingers on the lips.

Toppings wise the cheese is a good old spread, edge to edge, and is thick and oozing and as we said toasted to perfection. Provolone is our favorite pizza cheese and the rich taste is wonderful. The Sliced chicken is tender and succulent with a hint of seasoning.

All in all a good value pizza that is reasonably priced and decently sized. Definitely one to seek out and you’ll crave for more

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Ledo, Buffalo Chicken Pizza Review, Ledo

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