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Breakfast Pizza Review from Hunt Brothers, Breakfast Pizza Review

Breakfast Pizza from Hunt Brothers Review


What they say
Our Original Crust is a self-rising 12” crust covered in our signature tomato sauce and 100% natural part-skim mozzarella cheese. With cheese spread to the edge of the crust, there is nothing basic about this classic.

Pizza for breakfast is good, but our speciality Breakfast Pizza baked fresh is better. Topped with fluffy scrambled eggs, chopped bacon, breakfast sausage, and of course a blend of mozzarella and cheddar, it’s all there on our signature buttered crust for one heck of a breakfast any time, day or night.

What we say
The lads were on the road to our next city on our tour of the US, it was early and we were needing some breakfast and we had stopped at a Valero gas station and behold they had a Hunt Brothers outlet on site. Sorted, pizza for breakfast!

We of course chose the Breakfast Pizza. What else could we do?, but we were apprehensive of the quality we were going to get. The pizza was freshly cooked and we didn’t have any extra toppings. Looks wise it was perhaps not quite as appetizing as the menu picture but quite acceptable.

The dough base was better than most frozen pizzas but not the finest tasting and slightly pale at the edges. Sauce was fine with no complaints. Cheese was fairly generously spread to the edges and was suitably chewy with a decent Mozza taste. Chopped bacon was quite smoky and in reasonable sized pieces. Breakfast sausage was meaty and moist and we thought it was a bit peppery but not overly so. But the problem came with the scrambled egg topping, Ted liked it but Bill thought it just wasn’t right on a pizza and was quite tasteless, also in places it was a bit too overcooked.

Our Verdict is that the price is good, the offering fairly good and is good for a pitstop eat but the eggs were controversial.

A middle ranking review from The Pizza Lads

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  1. Richard says:

    Hi chaps, I have tried the Breakfast Pizza, but not sure about it myself. I just feel its a Lunch or evening thing. cheers again Richard

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