Boss Barbecue Chicken Pizza from Papa Gino’s

Boss Barbecue Chicken Pizza from Papa Gino's Review BBQ Chicken

Boss Barbecue Chicken Pizza from Papa Gino’s Review

What they say

Grilled chicken, sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, smokey bacon, red onions, ranch dressing, three cheeses. Topped with a barbecue drizzle.

Our pizza chefs hand stretch each pizza when you order it. Nothing is made in a machine or assembled out of a package. We don’t even use timers, we use our eyes. Just another time-tested part of the old world artisan process we keep alive. What makes our pizza special? Traditional dough, made fresh daily right here in Walpole, Mass. using only five simple ingredients: locally-milled hard winter wheat flour, water, yeast, salt and oil. Top that with our signature blend of three premium cheeses for an authentic pizza with the uniquely delicious taste you won’t get anywhere else. Every Papa Gino’s pizza still has that same distinctive, authentic Italian taste

What we say

The lads always favor Italian pizzas, they usually seem to hit the mark for taste and Gino’s are renowned for trying to keep things true to the roots. The option we went for on this occasion was the Boss Barbecue Chicken.

It looked decent though the amount of toppings was a little bit disappointing but a lot had been piled in the middle so this may have been the problem though its smell was good and rich languid barbecue aroma. The dough base was thinish crust and was a little bit limp but with a premium dough taste along and nicely seasoned browned crust edges. The barbecue sauce was tangy, thick and sweet and very indulgent! The three cheese blend was, we believe white cheddar, mozzarella, and romano and had melted to a nice goey mix, the romano particularly gave the pizza an extra punch. Grilled chicken was chopped into decent sized seasoned chunks which had bold flavor, and were tender enough.

Smokey bacon tasted sweet and buttery with a robust flavor. A smattering of small thin slices of red onion were present but added little to the combo. Ranch dressing was tangy and fresh, adding a twist, and it was all topped off with more BBQ sauce. We thought the combo as a whole was a little sweet for our tastes but not unpleasantly so, but we can’t wholeheartedly recommend this pizza

So sadly a thumbs down from The Pizza Lads

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Boss Barbecue Chicken Pizza from Papa Gino’s Review BBQ Chicken

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