Blaze Box Pizza Oven

BLAZE BOX Pizza Oven Review, Outdoor Pizza, Barbecues & Gas Grills

Blaze Box Pizza Oven Review

BLAZE BOX Pizza Oven with Temperature Gauge for Outdoor Garden Barbecues & Gas Grills

Create authentic style pizzas in the comfort of your own garden with this innovative pizza oven from Blaze Box. The pizza box sits neatly on top of barbeques and gas grills, converting them almost instantly into a gourmet pizza oven.

Easy to use

Not only great for pizzas, this oven can be used to bake bread and cookies, roast meat and veg, or to bake fish. Quick to heat, the oven uses convective, radiant and conductive heat to raise the cooking temperatures up to 450°C. The integrated temperature gauge will show you what temperature the pizza box has reached, with a range of 50 – 450°C. The design also features a magnetic door, complete with a glass viewing window, allowing you to check the progress of your pizza without releasing any heat.

Stainless steel design with embossed logo

High quality, durable construction that has been built to last

Integrated temperature gauge

Keep an eye on the cooking temperature to ensure your meal is baked to perfection

Includes 10mm thick pizza stone

Your pizza will cook evenly thanks to the removable stone base

Pizza stone; Features a 10mm pizza stone for authentic style pizza

Magnetic door; The box has a magnetic door, with a central glass panel, allowing you to check the progress of the pizza without letting the heat out

Temperature gauge; The temperature gauge shows when the pizza box is ready to be used; ranges from 50 to 450 degrees Celsius

Portable; Complete with carry handles for easy transport

Guarantee; 24-month guarantee


Dimensions: L37.5 x W29 x H13cm (with handles down)
Weight: 3.54kg
Material: Stainless steel
10mm pizza stone


The Pizza Lads love this great bit of kit for an excellent price! Perfect for that family and friends get together for Pizza & Beer night and of course singing at the top of your voice am 3am doing Karaoke. Perfect pizza and very simple to use. This oven works and cooked the pizzas to perfection! A real value for money Pizza oven!

A thumb up from The Pizza Lads

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BLAZE BOX Pizza Oven Review, Outdoor Pizza, Barbecues & Gas Grills

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