BBQ Hog Roast Pizza from Papa John’s

BBQ Hog Roast Pizza from Papa John's BBQ Hog Roast review

BBQ Hog Roast Pizza from Papa John’s Review

Deliciously mouth-watering, spit roast style pork shoulder, seasoned with thyme & black pepper with a generous helping of onions and our signature cheese on a unique apple sauce base for a traditional hog roast style experience.

Papa John’s BBQ Hog Roast Pizza Review
Summer is most defiantly here and the lads were on the road for the Yearly Caravan break in Skegness with the missuses and kids. It is truly a time to remember normally, Wailing kids, moaning wives and general misery for us packed into a sardine can size space with toe stubbing obstacles everywhere.

However the benefits are that nobody wants to cook so the wives are quite happy to indulge us in our passion for pizza . The local Papa Johns was near the campsite, so off we went and as usual its our mission to test out the taste combos on offer. Today’s new pizza was the rather great sounding BBQ Hog Roast.

We opted for the thin crust base as the kids prefer it. The ingredients are not too fussy which we like. Cheese as always was lovely and onions go down well, but the star of the show is the Hog Roast pork. Can they pull off that fresh roasted taste? The answer is just about… It was pretty tender and not too chewy with a rich indulgent taste complimented by the thyme and pepper. But the apple sauce base was perhaps a little too sweet for our taste and somehow the cheese and apple mix seemed odd. But it was as a whole a decent combo and a really quite good overall experience. The kids loved it and the wives were quiet so we were on cloud nine. A summer winner!

A big Hog Roast thumbs up from The Pizza Lads…

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