Barbacoa Pizza from Pizza Express

Barbacoa Pizza from Pizza Express Review Barbacoa Pizza

Barbacoa Pizza from Pizza Express Review

Smoky, spicy and full flavoured with pulled Barbacoa Beef, Spicy Chipotle Salsa, Garlic Oil, Mozzarella and Tomato, with a finish of fresh Tomato, Red Onion and fresh Coriander on a Classic base.

Pizza Express Barbacoa Pizza Review
The Lads had been forced into taking the missuses for a night out at a restaurant. So wanting a quiet life we opted for our local pizza express, so we could indulge in our pizza passion and they could have something else, they were keen on the Lasagne (but more of that later) Anyway on to the business in hand, we were confronted with a wide array of choice but as always we feel the need to bring you our view of the new options.

So the Barbacoa sounded different indeed and it was new. I (Ted) asked what Barbacoa was and none of us knew, so Bill got his phone out and checked on Wikipedia .. it says it’s “barbecue”.. So mystery solved. The base was just the standard classic, but no complaints from us on that. Cheese & Tomato checked all good. Now the toppings – Barbacoa Beef was tasty and we found it really full of flavour, a little greasy for our taste but a good and strong offering.

The Chipotle Salsa really had a kick to it with a faint hint of the Garlic Oil coming though. The fresh Tomato, Red Onion and fresh Coriander made this a busy looking Pizza, but just took the edge off the meats and enhanced the combo. So maybe not a classic but it was pretty okay.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads Pizza Express Lasagne….!!!

A message from The Pizza Lads Wives, who had the Lasagne and on this occasion wanted to add a few words of their very own… We had the Lasagne from the pasta menu and expected something good as this is Pizza Express who sell their selves as one of the best Pizza Restaurants in the UK. We were very surprised at the dreadful quality of the Lasagne in its presentation and taste. It turned up in a black dish that had obviously just been taking out the microwave.

The Lasagne itself was nothing more than Godawful wishy washy slop. It ran through my fork and i needed a spoon to eat it. Although the Lads Pizza’s were good, Pizza Express need to pay attention to other items on the menu if they are going to continue to offer an alternative.

Pizza Express Lasagna response

Pizza Express Lasagna response

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