Apache Special Pizza from Apache Pizza’s

Apache Special Pizza Review from Apache Pizza's, Apache Pizza's

Apache Special Pizza Review

What they say
Regular base / Mozzarella cheese / Our Signature Tomato Sauce /Pepperoni, Ham, Sweetcorn, Pineapple, Mushroom, Onion, Peppers, Extra Mozzarella.

What we say
The lads were doing their bit for international relations by gracing the shores of the fair isle of Ireland with their presence, so before we got found out and deported we felt we had to try an Apache Pizza, we don’t believe they have outlets in the UK, so this was going to be a new experience for us. They seem to have a branch everywhere you go in Ireland so they are obviously doing something right.

The order for the special was delivered on time and hot, so a good start!

We went for the XXL size which is 2ft in diameter, a giant pizza but the price was not ridiculous.

So gazing upon this monster we were in awe. Anyway the base was regular thickness and was a little thinner than expected and hard to eat due to size and floppiness, but we managed it OK… Oh yes!

The base was tasty and nicely browned at the edges. Signature Tomato Sauce was tangy and sweet and was generous portioned. Mozzarella was a very American cheese style and had a cheddar undertone and we like that. Pepperoni was meaty and succulent. The ham had a bacon like taste which we always wish for. Sweetcorn was average and we would not have bothered with it out of choice. Pineapple was sparingly topped but added a sweet and sour note. Mushrooms were a bit bland though. The red onion was assertive but sweet. It was finished off with chucks of red, green and yellow peppers and an extra helping of mozza.

Did we enjoy it, yes it was a good combo! An amazing size with loads of toppings and no standout bad points. A winner.

Please come to the UK and open some outlets Apache?

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