American Supermarket Pizza from Pizza Express

American Supermarket Pizza Review, American Pizza Express

American Pizza Supermarket from Pizza Express Review

Our classic base, topped with pepperoni, creamy mozzarella & our famous passata

Sold at the Morrisons supermarket not the restaurant chain Pizza Express American Supermarket Pizza Review

The lads were still trying to tighten belts and cut back and economise. Bill had seen that Pizza Express do a supermarket cook at home pizza which promises the restaurant experience for less. So we felt that we had to try this out… Ted reckoned it couldn’t deliver as promised, as it wouldn’t be as fresh and the cooking process in our old gas oven is hardly the same.

So anyway we got ours from Morrison’s for about three pounds and we cracked it open at home and Ted threw away the box with instructions on before we had read them! Not wanting to go hunting in the bin we found the good people at Morrison’s helpfully list these on their website. The following including the spelling mistakes is genuinely on the site as below:

These are guidelines only as all cooking appliances vary in performance;

Oven cook – From Chilled. Cook It the Pizza Express way

1. The first step to pizza heaven is a pipping hot oven.
2. Get rid of all the packaging and even out the toppings. If you’re feeling creative, add some of your own.
3. Drizzle a little olive oil over you pizza to give it a crispier finish.
4. Place your puzaa directly onto the top shelf of your pre-heated oven.
5. Cook in line with the timings below. You’ll know it’s done when the cheese is golden brown and the base is crispy.
6. Remove carefully and serve it fresh out the oven (just like we do). Enjoy!
P.S. If there’s any leftover, please don’t reheat it, it’s nicer cold. Fan 200°C 9-11 mins / 220°C 9-11 mins / Gas 7 9-11 mins; Oven cook – From Frozen.

Cook It the Pizza Express way” So when the oven was “pipping hot” , we placed the “puzaa” in and cooked….lol.. But we are losing the plot so onto the pizza. It looked OK with a decent amount of toppings. The base was was fairly crispy but had overcooked a bit around the edges but not too bad. The Passata sauce was reasonable and had an indulgent taste. Cheese was very cheesy and had melted all over evenly.

The Pepperoni was a bit greasy and had created a pool of meaty grease in the centre of the Pizza, but after a couple of bites seemed pleasant. We had drizzled olive oil over as instructed and that had added a fresher taste. We could taste hints of Oregano, Black Pepper, Basil and White Pepper. The overall pizza was in our opinion not as nice as the restaurant offering and really seemed little different to other supermarket branded ones.

But it was Okay – A side way thumbs from The Pizza Lads

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