All The Meat Pizza Bowl Review from Marco’s Pizza

All The Meat Pizza Bowl Review from Marcos Pizza USA Marcos Review

All The Meat Pizza Bowl Review

What they say
Marco’s Pizza is offering a new crustless pizza option with the debut of Specialty Pizza Bowls. Crustless pizza with pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, and bacon, baked with our original sauce and signature three cheeses, topped with romesan seasoning

What we say
Now the lads thought the idea of a crustless pizza was a fantastic one and we had never seen them in the UK, a pizza bowl. a pizza without the pizza (base), just the toppings or in the case both the top and bottom or. anyway let’s just get with it.

It’s a fair old sized tray and is meant for 2 but the lads decided on one each, it looks dark and definitely has no bright colors visible. The most noticeable thing was that because it’s in a tray, the oil seems to collect on the surface, which is nice for greasy pizza lovers but not so much for some others.

Everything seems to mix together ,the cheese,sauce and meat all in a sort of big congealed lump so it’s very hard to give individual verdicts on some of the “toppings” but the cheese and sauce are the usual decent quality. The Italian sausage is the standout ingredient and really is a tender satisfying bite, Ham doesn’t seem to show up but it looks like it’s there. The bacon is slightly salty for our taste and the pepperoni is bold and spicy with a slight smokiness. The other ingredient is Romesan (we had never heard of it either) but seems to be Roma tomatoes and Parmesan and was a bit lost on us.

Do we recommend it? Maybe if you like a cheesy meaty greasy slab of food then yes, if you like dainty delicate pizzas then obviously not.

We belong to the former camp and thought it was different and ace.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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