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Pepperoni Delight Pizza Review, Pepperoni Delight Pizza from Sainsbury's

Pepperoni Delight Pizza from Sainsbury’s

Pepperoni Delight Stuffed Crust Pizza from Sainsbury’s Hand stretched garlic and herb flavoured cheese stuffed crust and base topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, two types of pepperoni and Cheddar cheese. Pepperoni Delight Pizza Review The lads were totally out of money as usual, Christmas was nearly upon us and what little money we had left had to be devoted to present buying for the missuses. We had of course left everything till the last moment and hit eBay and Amazon to order a variety of unlikely gifts in the hope they actually turned up before Christmas. Bill had gone for a toilet seat with a picture of The Pizza Lads on the lid. A watch from china costing one pound...

La Reine Pizza Review, Cook at Home Range from Pizza Express

La Reine Classic Cook at Home Range from Pizza Express

La Reine Classic Cook at Home Range from Pizza Express Review Prosciutto cotto ham, mushrooms, olives, creamy mozzarella& our famous passata Pizza Express La Reine Pizza Review The lads had noticed that Pizza express do a range of cook at home pizzas and we were keen to try one to see if we could recreate that restaurant experience in our humble little abode. We chose the La Reine Classic which is basically a ham and mushroom pizza which is never a bad thing. It cost about a fiver so obviously much cheaper than eating in house. When were moved the packaging it looked pretty good and the toppings were at least a fairly good covering. The cooking instructions say to...

Mushroom & Truffle Pizza Review, Mushroom & Truffle Pizza Express

Mushroom & Truffle Pizza from Pizza Express

Mushroom & Truffle Pizza from Pizza Express Review Sliced Portobello and closed cup mushrooms, mozzarella, ricotta, fresh rosemary and garlic oil on a béchamel base, drizzled with truffle oil ,a sprinkling of fresh parsley and shaved Gran Milano cheese on a Romana base Pizza Express Mushroom & Truffle Pizza Review The Pizza Lads were celebrating, we had won 25 pounds on a lottery scratch card and we were definitely not going to be telling the missuses about this windfall. We decided that we would blow our winnings on the most luxury sounding pizza we could at Pizza Express. Actually the cost didn’t reflect too badly, but was in the top range of the menu offering price wise. The Pizza duly...

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