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Barbacoa Pizza from Pizza Express Review Barbacoa Pizza

Barbacoa Pizza from Pizza Express

Barbacoa Pizza from Pizza Express Review Smoky, spicy and full flavoured with pulled Barbacoa Beef, Spicy Chipotle Salsa, Garlic Oil, Mozzarella and Tomato, with a finish of fresh Tomato, Red Onion and fresh Coriander on a Classic base. Pizza Express Barbacoa Pizza Review The Lads had been forced into taking the missuses for a night out at a restaurant. So wanting a quiet life we opted for our local pizza express, so we could indulge in our pizza passion and they could have something else, they were keen on the Lasagne (but more of that later) Anyway on to the business in hand, we were confronted with a wide array of choice but as always we feel the need to bring...

Epic Meat Feast from Pizza Hut Review

Epic Meat Feast from Pizza Hut

Epic Meat Feast from Pizza Hut Review Discover pizza that’s a long way away from the same-old, same-old. We’ve taken our famous favourites, and remastered them with a premium flavour boost. Triple cheese, shaved steak, paprika pulled chicken, pepperoni & ham. Pizza Hut Epic Meat Feast Pizza Review The Lads were back for the caravan holiday in Skegness and to be honest we were pretty pleased to have survived it at all, or at least the fact our marriages were still intact. The strain was telling toward the end and only the thought of taste testing the new range of “Epic” Pizzas at Pizza Hut kept us going. Now what is this Epic business about? The Pizzas were pretty good...

BBQ Hog Roast Pizza from Papa John's BBQ Hog Roast review

BBQ Hog Roast Pizza from Papa John’s

BBQ Hog Roast Pizza from Papa John’s Review Deliciously mouth-watering, spit roast style pork shoulder, seasoned with thyme & black pepper with a generous helping of onions and our signature cheese on a unique apple sauce base for a traditional hog roast style experience. Papa John’s BBQ Hog Roast Pizza Review Summer is most defiantly here and the lads were on the road for the Yearly Caravan break in Skegness with the missuses and kids. It is truly a time to remember normally, Wailing kids, moaning wives and general misery for us packed into a sardine can size space with toe stubbing obstacles everywhere. However the benefits are that nobody wants to cook so the wives are quite happy to...

The Meatfielder Pizza from Domino's

The Meatfielder Pizza from Domino’s

The Meatfielder Pizza from Domino’s Review The Pizza Lads love a new pizza combo and a new meaty pizza always floats our boat. Domino’s Meatfielder Pizza Review Now Domino’s have no shortage of meat eater etc type combos. Mighty Meaty, Meat Lovers, Meateor and Meatilicious. So what makes this one different. In our opinion not too much but we reckon it’s because it’s all porky type meats and no veggie filler. All good by us, so on to taste test and after a few weeks watching Wimbledon Tennis and world cup football we were looking quite buff. Even our wives started to notice us, which isn’t all a good thing and a return to our slobby normal selves should solve...

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